Saturday, 7 January 2012

Travelling with a Photographer

Recently during the year-end I travelled with my family and took quite a lot of travel pictures; afterall what is travelling if you don't take photographs, right?

I am not a professional photographer but I would say I take some (read not many) decent pictures worth printing, at least to my own humble opinion. This beg a question of would it be necessary to travel with a photographer. Would you be taking better pictures if you were travelling with a photographer? Well, if you love taking pictures, it would certainly be a good idea. Read on if you are still an amateur, as you will find in this entry, ways to get in touch with great photographers who you will need for taking pictures when you travel.

Many of us don't travel often due to personal constraints such as financial, time, or other important commitments. As such, you'd want to make sure that you have the best pictures to bring back home with you. It is for this reason that you need someone with decent photographing skills travelling with you. It may seem like an easy task taking great pictures, but more often then not, you will find that you wished you did better. A good photographer will make sure that you take pictures like a professional does.

If travelling with a professional photographer friend or family member is not possible, try searching the internet. You may be surprised that there'll be someone near you with the same itinerary, who is good in photography. Punch in search keys that lead you to websites that review various photographers. The more a photographer is reviewed by credible websites, the less likely is that person an amateur. So, search a bit more.

I remember reading an article by a professional photographer where he mentioned that he "will take you with me and show you exactly how it is done, just as if you are my photographing buddy". That means you leave it to the photographer to deal with all the technical details and you just focus on your requirement on how you would like a picture to look like. It would be really good to exchange idea with your photographer while he/she gives you valuable recommendation.

No doubt you alone can take beautiful pictures of the wonderful places you visit but having someone with experience in photography would make quite a lot of difference and you'd be amazed at how good your pictures are afterward.

Happy Holiday, go travel and come back with great pictures, every single one of them!


beaty said...

wah kalau sa ada chance travel sama pro photoG, sa x akan lepaskan peluang ni..but yeah lama lagi lah sa dapat travel tmpt sndri seja ni..

happy new year floyd..

dont forget to share those awseome pics u take ya...

floyd said...

@beaty. Travel dgn kawan2 photographers pun ok juga bah.

Sure thing, I'll share some in this blog. Thanks.

floyd said...

@beaty. Travel sama2 kawan-kawan photographwrs pun ok jga bah.

Sure, will post some of the pics here sometime.