Thursday, 26 January 2012

Local Artists

One can capture alternative shots of the local stars when attending social gatherings such as relatives' wedding, family day and casual meetings. This is where you'll see them in less than full attire.

We attended a wedding reception sometime ago and two of our local singers made impromptu performance, and they appear simple and casual in this shots.

Sannie Hassan Mudin
You can watch/listen to his recent MTV on youtube.

Nera is one of the performers in the recently concluded reality TV show, Akademi Fantasia AF9.

You can listen to Nera's latest song Hatimu Milikmu at youtube.

Other local artists:
Felix - Selamat pengantin baru.
Jiaja, Dayang Noraini, Esther, Suib, Rieno, etc - in CLAS Awards 2011
Cha, Andalusia, Ridah,Janrywine, Henry - in CLAS Awards 2010


Anonymous said...

lovely photos...alas, I dunno both artists...I hope the industry will support our local artists more and unite in that sense.

floyd said...

@V. They are the lesser known of the lot i guess; Nera being a newcomer while Sannie has been there for quite sometime now