Monday, 25 July 2011

Playing 3rd Tier - Jepri&Ester

'I married my friend' - debilang si Ester

I have wanted to post this about a month ago to go along with the the common sense of "hit the iron while it's still hot", and having the green light from the bride I have no excuse for leaving it this late.

So, being new to portraiture with no training nor coaching (except for some inspiration from the many great local photographers) I moved my butts and play the third tier. Okay, you are right to be puzzled by the post title.

There is no such term as 3rd tier in this trade. It simply means that you are the uninvited 'also-in' wannabes. On a bad day, the official photographer would have his butts saved by an assistant and that would entitle the guy a 2nd tier status. And that's how you call me 3rd tier busybody bloke. So, for the same argument you could of course call me 10th tier, too.

yapin in arch800
Mr Yapin Gimpoton is on the words of wisdom for the day

Anyway, let's see how the proceeding looks like from an outsider's perspective. To Ester, this is for you and there are so many other shots that you may want to have a closer look, in any case my FB inbox is always open, anytime.

At the church:
That's Her..
ester w-veil575x750
A big assuring smile from behind the veil

..And Him, the blessed guy.
jepri on videocam800
Mr. Canon guy filming the handsome bridegroom

On a solemnest of vow, your answer is?
"Yes, I do"

At the reception:...

cake cutting2-600 frame
"Okay, so, ermm, let's do this together"

If you can't open it, laugh at it. It'll magically pop open by itself! Don't believe it? Try it at home.
wine pouring1-780
"Habis berterbangan sudah pop gun ni. Bila lagi mau tebuka tu anggur tu ling?"

Didn't know that 'also-in' photographer can request for a pose too but here it is, Mr. & Mrs. JM
ester+jepri sitting altar800
One for the Album.

Ester: Guys if you are happy for me, jam those jaws of yours into smiling position. One,..two, three! Okay, thank you so much!
with friends2-800
Kawan-kawan yang mengucapkan "Selamat tinggal bujang"

Disclosure: If any of the persons captured in this posting wish to get the pics containing his/her face removed, please leave a message in the comment box and I'll put myself to make amend as soon as I receive such notification.

Kumaa di Ester om Jepri, welcome to the club, om sumondiu kasaie nod Kinorohingan om barakatan kasaie kou ie Dauh, kio.


StellaClaire-Richard said...

Nice pics! U r Talented..

Anonymous said...

mimang talented ne c uncle..suma gambar yang diambik bermakna btul ne..tq uncle..mimang ko the best..heheheh, i do want to have a closer look, to all the pictures during my big day..possible baitu kan uncle...hehehehe..tq aa


floyd said...

Thanks for visiting guys!

Ester, nanti sa compile dlm CD kasi ko aah.

beaty said...

I love the picture..was daydreaming if my wed picture is good as this..

adoii alwa tomod ti gambar.

barakaton Kinorohingan pisasawaon diolo..

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Beautiful bride.

floyd said...

beaty & SJB > thank you

namronphotography said...

nice capture bro... sapa yg capture video pakai dslr tu?

floyd said...

namronphotography > kurang pasti bro, nda sempat bekenalan lagipun lambat sampai saya time tu.