Thursday, 28 June 2012

Along Ranau road towards Mount Kinabalu

Not exactly along the 70-km Tamparuli-Ranau road but a bit of connection to what you can find while traveling up to Ranau.

Welcome to Sabah!

This is 'Land Below The Wind' where you can climb the trees without being called "the man who lives on the tree"

The fun begins in Pekan Nabalu.
Here you can see Mt. Kinabalu in all its glory, provided you are lucky to have a fine cloudless morning.

Pekan Nabalu is the border to three neighbouring Districts (Tuaran, Kota Belud and Ranau Disctict). Inhabitated by the Dusun, this place is famous for its tasty pineapple and wide range of handicraft products.

If time is not an issue, spend sometime and sit in the gazebo. Wait for the sky to clear and shoot some great pictures of Mt. Kinabalu.

Otherwise, be contented with enjoying the panoramic view of Kinabalu's smaller cousin, The No'okok

I took this pic during one of our trips to Ranau. It was a beautiful afternoon with slight drizzle.

Drive further up and get to see Kg Kiau. Several villages at the foot of Mt Kinabalu - Kg Kiau Nuluh, Kg. Kiau Taburi, and a couple others.

This is Kundasang.
In Kundasang, you will see the northeast side of the mountain where it appears less steep from here.

If  you decide not to drop by Kinabalu National Park (located just before Kundasang township) then your best bet to view Mt Kinabalu at close range is Kundasang. This was shot at 200mm, f/8 with nikkor 18-200mm DX lens.

A village in Kundasang overlooking a steep valley. Location: Strawberry Garden Hotel. It's called hotel but in actual fact it's just a small resort.

Desa Cattle in Kundasang is a good place to see first-hand the complete process in milk production. If the sky is clear, you get a bonus of viewing the majestic mountain right behind you for a Salem High Country experience.

A trip to Ranau is incomplete if you don't visit and take a dip at Poring Hot Spring. This is the first hot spring discovered long ago in the interior of Sabah. Today, you can find similar spring in the Eastcoast although it's lesser known.

If hot water is not your cup of tea, try the swimming pool. Apart from the cubicled hot tubs, we have two huge swimming pools (with water slider - entrance fee applicable) and one smaller public pool (FOC) at Poring Hot Spring.

Thank you for visiting Sabah!


thomas said...

Beautiful view of Kinabalu.

alexjimmy said...

i like the mount with the rainbow. indeed sabah is the best