Monday, 19 September 2016

Sunset at Sutera Harbour resort Kota Kinabalu

This can be considered as Part II of the earlier sunset posting here due to the lesser pictures policy for the energy blog.

To reach the location, drive straight through Jalan Sutera Harbour until you reach a roundabout. Keep right and at a distance of about 200m away, look out for an area overlooking South China Sea on the left-hand side. Its normally crowded during sunset and you won't miss it.

Welcome to the far end of Jalan Sutera Harbour.

You will not be alone as many others like to hangout here.

This boat is always there in case somebody fell into trouble while taking a dip or swimming too far out.

"Let me take a selfie"

Early evening

As it got darker, you start taking long exposure shots

Sutera Harbour & Magellan Sutera resorts facing South China Sea

Good night!