Monday, 6 February 2012

Upside down house in Tamparuli

Tamparuli, Sabah
(Kg. Telibong, between Shell gas station and SMK Tamparuli)
Opened to public: 
Since 1st February 2012
Visiting hours:
8.00am - 8.00pm daily
Adults - RM10 (MyKad holders), 
RM18 (non-MyKad holders)
Children - RM5
Babies - FOC (2 yrs old and below)

The Upside down house of Borneo

Rumah Terbalik (upside down house) is one of Tamparuli's latest attraction and is so named as it sits on its roof. Attraction would be an overstatement to a modest build as it serves more of a pit-stop for travelers going to Ranau, Sandakan, Tawau, or tourists wanting to sample the Kiulu White Water Rafting.


The 140 square metre house is equipped with kitchen, living room, bathroom, dining room, bedrooms and the interior is decorated with many unique features of Sabah. Except for a 'bubu' (a traditional fishing trap) everything is placed upside down including - from rice cooker, stove, furniture, to electrical appliances such as fridge, sewing machine and air-conditioners.

A guided tour to the interior house takes not more that 15 minutes during our visit and it was on the 4th day since its official opening. After sometime, perhaps, you could spend more time there when less people are waiting in the queue. Considering a RM10 per person, it could be a one-of visit to many unless the owner add up more attractions within the centre in the future. The house is designed for a small family of three and hence its small size.

The 'tamu' (their term for the souvenir shop) is somewhat loosely stuffed with not many souvenirs to choose from. It would be a good idea for them to sell Sabah's unique handicrafts and other local products in the future.

The cafe is quite roomy and comfortable with delicious selection of chicken/tuna puff and pastries but only small quantity is made available at any one time. My personal fave is the chicken curry puff, they come straight from the chef's oven and they are tasty.

Since people treat this place as a stop over rather than electing for a full guided tour, I would think that a small souvenir shop is also made available near the ticket counter. There is plenty of space and resting benches at this area.

Plenty of parking space.

Buy your ticket here

Tour guide gives a brief talk and the lecture continues throughout your visit

No photography is allowed inside the house, so your best bet at firing away the shutter is when you are outside it.

At the 'Tamu' - the souvenir shop:


This upside down garage is located outside the centre and everyone is free to take some picture during their pit-stop.

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