Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Pulau Sepanggar

Pulau Sepanggar is a small island off Kota Kinabalu coast and located between Gaya Island and Sepanggar Bay. To get there you have choices of speed boat or the slow moving small 6-passenger sampan which would be a torture if you are a person who hates waiting

By speed boat, say 75HP outboard engine, you will reach the island in about 25 to 30 minutes time. The island has no electricity but the school is powered by hybrid solar-generator system.

KK Map Pulau Sepanggar
Location of Pulau Sepanggar. [Google Map]

Approaching Pulau Sepanggar

Yayasan Sabah (Menara Tun Mustapha) seen from a speeding boat.

yayasansabah800 zoomed col-balance1
SLR cam zoom

Sepanggar island beach800 boat

a_Sepanggar island houses620
Village on the seashore

_DSC7023-620 monkey
Thief monkey lurching as we get on with business

_DSC7019-620 eagle
Eagle hovering near the settlement probably preying on the folks' chicks

Mt Kinabalu is clearly visible on a good day. This island could be a perfect spot for capturing sunrise shots of Kota Kinabalu and Mt. Kinabalu.

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