Thursday, 13 September 2012

The story of a Crow

I was sitting on a verandah one afternoon when a couple of beautiful crow pass by, probably on their way to a lunch date. They decided that the coconut tree is the best place to 'rest' and spy for food from the nearby campers tent.

So, they chit chatted:

Crookkk, crookkk, crookkk, crookkk (Meaning: do you think we can steal food from these campers?)

He & She: Let see. Oh no, we've got sniper watching!

He: Are you sure that sniper guy can do any harm?

She: Yes! Let's just get out of here.
He: (giggles) No, I think he likes us.
She: I said let's go. He's pointing his gun at you!

He: You go ahead. I'll take care of things.

 (thinking hard)

 (3 hours later) He: Hrmmm, thay guy can't stop admiring me

He: Let's give him something worth watching

"Did you see that, sniper guy?"

"I'm off. Please take care of my sh**"



alexjimmy said...

ahaha nice post bro.

Truli Anglers said...

Nice post. :)

Btw, I think I have seen photos with the same signature as yours (JD FLOYD PICTURES) somewhere sometime ago.. not sure though...

I checked your bloglist and one of them was my ex-classmate from secondary school... (Belajar Bermain Gitar)... I was wondering if maybe you and me might know each other? :)

floyd said...

Truli Anglers - Thanks for the pointer on site/s using my pics. It can happen as it is inevitable.

The bloglist normally is a way to appreciate people who visit this site and/or whose posts are relevant to this site or, they could just simply be inspiring. Personally I don't know any of them in real life.