Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

This is a family-oriented park aimed at educating the public about the endangered animals of Borneo an opportunity to get a glimpse of the wildlife up close. The wildlife park consists of two main sections namely zoological (animals) and botanical (plants). The botanical section provides good opportunities to see rare plant species but this was not in our agenda during the visit.

The park is open daily from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm, and is approximately 30 minutes’ drive from Kota Kinabalu; or approximately 15 km if your navigational preference is measured in distance.

Let's see some of my captures.

Little monkey moves a lot and it was a bit of a challenge to persuade him for a portrait shot.

got banana?
"Merenung jauh nampak...?" Gibbon is shying away from me, looking dejected. Maybe I need to learn more monkey languages.

baby proboscis800
Young proboscis doing the "moginggat" (betel nut chewing). Ok I bluffed, it's just some young leaves in his mouth.

All Monkeys and no Elephants?

Don't put a pilih bulu label on me just yet. Of course I like monkeys - all big and smalls - but I like all other animals at the zoo equally. Give me some time and I will feature them in my blog, too.

mister whyte is......
Ooopss! Not another monkey. Sorry for the distraction, this guy is not from Lok Kawi Zoo; he's happily living at KL Tower mini zoo.

Serval Leptailurus800 100-05-1
The serval is an unusual looking (notably its big ears), medium sized cat found mainly in Africa. Nice variation to have it in Lok Kawi and it's good to 'see him in person'.

A white breasted eagle. Mice are released into its small cage to be preyed by this fast hunter. Not the kind of fair play don't you agree?

red parrot800x540
At certain time of the day the parrots are taken out into the open and you can take decent pics of them.

tiger helpingHand or Confrontation800 95-05-1
"Ling, lepas ko kasi mandi saya, saya kasi mandi ko pula nanti aah?". Debilang tu harimau betina.

lion dance800 sharp
Sorry folks, this is not a lion but I think he lost his way and ended up in my blog.

Thanks for reading, or rather viewing.


Azeanthy Paiman said...

wow,this is great bro!!!

Gunaqz said...

Your photography skills never ceased to amaze me, Floyd. BTW, my favourite one is the cat. I wish I could have it as my pet.

floyd said...

Azeanthy & Gunaqz > thank you guys.
The cat is quite big, weighing 8 - 9 lb according to the fact sheet.

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Nice pictures.

Princess Zezebel Lair said...

Love to see the wild cat, :D. Wish I could go there next year.

floyd said...

SJB & Princess Zezebel > thanks!
My family visited the zoo few weeks back and the wild cat was nowhere to be seen. Hope it was just hiding & not taken away.