Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ice Breaker

It is because of my passion for photography that this blog was created, and it is my desire to share my thoughts -or rather views (literally) - with the rest of the world that would make this blog more of a "show me" rather than a "tell me" type of info-sharing. Well, hopefully so.

I love nature and I'll start this journey off with a collection of my evening landscape captures.

Teluk Likas Night800 pano narrower
My very first night-shot when I first lay hand on the D90.

Set the cam to Program AE Mode, put the camera on the concrete embankment and press the shutter. Camera chooses the correct Aperture and Shutter Speed. Simple.

sutera hotel evening600 frame
Location: Magellan Sutera driveway, off Coastal highway. Long exposure shot taken after the sun has set.

tg lipat800 frame
Location: Tanjung Lipat, Likas. The evening colours were beautiful, tho not totally happy with the shot.

red senja
Let's call it a day with this shot taken in Putatan.

Hope you like them & would love to hear tips and comments from you.
Happy shooting!


Gunaqz said...

As usual, ur photos are amazing. Keep them coming! :-)

©t-Ba said...

wow your last pix yang matahari sebalik pokok tu mahal la. great capture bro.

beaty said...

Sa suka to long exposure..meamng sangat santik..dei waktu UN Kdca ko p d blkg o tidak ada chance mau p depan

namronphotography said...

suka 1st & last pics bro... great capture!!

Andrik McVean said...

hi i have followed you..i hope you can follow me back :-) have nice blog the first photo

floyd said...

gunaqz > thank you so much.
t-Ba > thanks. Bro punya pics pun mberi inspirasi; kreatif.
beaty > kitorang d depan pun mcm sardin juga.
namronphotography > trima kasih, sa ada tngok travel pics ko & mmang mantap.
Andrik McVean > nice blog u have. Keep the pics coming.

Jj said...

hi there floyd! great collection u have here. i like ^___^ followed u already. cheers!

floyd said...

Jj > thanks for liking them