Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Sorry about the pun, that wasn't intentional. I don't moonlight. I love what I'm currently doing and I don't have a second job. So, let's just stick to the light emitted - or rather reflected - by the moon.

moonlighting by JDFloydPictures
The bird and the moon
Beautiful I suppose, in the eye of the burung pungguk at least, but this guy is a Rhinoceros Hornbill and believe me it never really was 'right-here-waiting'  for the moon, unlike the poor old owl.

Limited reach of the 24-120mm f/4 is evident in these combo shots. Hand-held with VR switched on.
moon in the morning multiframe
Suppose the moon never really liked 14th February.

The quest for a really round full moon is still on

Moon June800 wmark middle 13June2011
Almost there...

The older generation says that the moon is 'late' for work when you can see it hanging around pass dawn.
moon at daylight 22Jan2011
Shot at about 7.30am, a time when the sky is due to be taken over by the Sun

This was almost a year ago, captured with a 18-200mm nikkor lens. Focal length equivalent to 300mm on film camera/full frame DSLR.
moon 22Sept10

Finally a full moon last week. Good weather, good time but lack the necessary gear. Have to be contented for now.
Moon full on July14-2011 -800

Till next time, happy moonlighting!

Note: I'm not a professional photographer meaning I don't make money out of photography and while I could  minch that these images aren't as great, they are copyrighted and under no circumstances should they be used or caused to be used without prior and informed consent from me, the rightful owner.