Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Kota Kinabalu Port

Took the first two photos not too long ago (October 2011) while visiting Suria Sabah.

_DSC3878-800 suriasabah wide seaview
Aerial view of Kota Kinabalu Port at daylight.

KK Port at Tg. Lipat
The view changed completely at night.

Logos Hope
Cloudy morning (December 2011) with Logos Hope ship berthed at one of the jetties.

The floating bookstore was in KK Port for about a month and left for Singapore on 12th December 2011.


gadisBunga said...

nice pics you have here! :)

i just went to kk 2 months ago but already missing it. just like heaven on earth.

Angie said...

Hi, love your blog. All your pics are amazing. Though I've seen some of your work in Flickers but this blog got 'cerita'. So, just to let you know I am one of your
Sorry, I may not leave my footprints all the time preferring to just tiptoe and go but doesn't mean I didn't enjoy all your work..:).

Have a great day and looking forward to more great pics and stories.. :)

akuzle ayu said...

hi, sy mak budak tecik yg 'muncul' kt 'umah' GB tuh. Adik Iffah lom pandai merangkak. baru terer meniarap n menjerit2 bila org tak peduli dier. baru cukup 4 bulan (Dec 2011)...hihiihih

floyd said...

Hi guys! Thanks for dropping by and view my postings.