Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Pulau Tiga Mud Volcano

a_mud-bather700 As mentioned in my previous posting, Sunset in Pulau Tiga, there is a unique attraction here that you will rarely find in other parts of Malaysia. Probably the only one in the whole country and one of the few worldwide.
It's the mud volcano.

You know you have reached your destination (Pulau Tiga) when you see this jetty. The friendly staff would help you with the stuff and things. No tips and no worries, it's part of their PR and the warm hospitality offered by Pulau Tiga Resort.


The sweet panoramic view with clear water and blue sky is very refreshing; at least it is to me.

Alright. Without further ado, let's meet the mud-skinned genie. I mean, our tour guide.

"Hi. I'm your cute, little tour guide. I'm a bit shy and will only show up on-and-off when needed, and believe me I know exactly when you will need my presence. I will show you around and right now I'm gonna lead you to the peak of this island and let you soak and bath in our muddy little bathtub. It's free and the mud is totally safe. You are guaranteed of a younger looking skin as soon as you emerge from the pond."
*Note: This is not me*

You have been warned (I'll repeat the English bit for you):

But  48-inch deep is nothing, you say. Sure, but the floor plane is unpredictably uneven, so there is still risk especially for young children. It's your endevour, so the risk is all yours...

That's including a very high possibility of meeting up with this two-tongue tough guy. It is not the most dangerous animal in the world - it's just a lizard - but their saliva is said to be poisonous, the islanders even compare them to komodo dragons.
a_DSC3237-800 1-pix

a_DSC3003-p750 zoom
Refreshing n cooling!
The mud pond is very much worth fighting for but you are not here to pick a fight with someone. Even water buffaloes behave when mud-bathing. LOL

Okay, I have no comment.

That's gross! Eeuw..!  but seriously, is that the best you guys can offer? Show us some six-packs.

a_DSC3078-800 wfrm
"Rinse up everybody" - That's your big bath tub right in front of the lodging houses.

Once done with the wash up routine, it's pretty much game over. It is best to continue with a more delicate cleansing at the privacy of your chalet. For more information and cost of going there, read here.


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so fun. and u know what, i peed tu sana dulu wakakakakaka.

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wow nice. i goin there soon."hopefully"sigh

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@LM the Traveler. Alamak! How could you!

@t-Ba. Jangan lupa bawa EOS 7D, bro!

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kalau dapat pinjam bro hahaha. aku pakai aku punya saja pun ok ba 50D tu hehehe

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@pink Diary. Thanks for dropping by.

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wow...ur a pro! i love ur photos!